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Subject: Person Smart Tag [#47882]
Poster: Pulsatrix
Posted on: 21-Jun-01 19:17

I can't get the Person Smart Tag in Word XP to work. Whenever I try to use
it, either to open a contact or to insert an address, I just get an error
box "Could not find the contact." This happens regardless of which name I
use. I have several sub-directories of Contacts, which may be the problem.

Anyone else having similar problems? Any thoughts?



Subject: Re: Person Smart Tag [#49993]
Poster: rickyfc
Posted on: 29-Jun-01 07:41

I get the same message UNLESS I type the name EXACTLY (including case) the
same as the full name entry in the Contact list. So if I have an entry for
John D. Doe in the Contact list but type "John Doe" in Word and try to use
the Smart Tag, it doesn't work.

This is just one reason why I find the so-called "Smart" tags to be not so
smart and of very limited value. In fact, the whole Outlook address
book/Contact List integration in Word is a disaster. I'm constantly prompted
to "select a profile" when clicking that damn address book button even
though I've told Word a 100 times to use "Outlook" as the default. The
Properties button doesn't work to edit a contact and the What's This feature
generates a "Wdtip8.hlp not found" error when used in the Select Name