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    joanna gorgeous

    COM port fails after using Laplink

    Hi all,

    Having used Laplink (Pro version 2) on many occasions and on many machines, i was pretty confident however ka-ka went everywhere last night and i'm miffed.

    i installed Laplink on a pentium 2 desktop running win98. 2 com ports. My hotsync for the Palm on com1, and an internal modem 56k on com2.

    Used laplink without a hitch to connect to the laptop via a cable link from com1 on desktop to com1 of laptop.
    everything was dandy.

    later on the desktop, however, when i tried to use the modem to get the net, it refused to recognise that i have a modem there, or that there even is a com2.

    i've tried...
    control panel|system|ports - and it tells me i only have 1 com port
    but controlpanel|system|modems tells me that my modem is running happily on com2


    so i got desparate and uninstalled Laplink, and uninstalled the modem. shut down and let the computer find the modem again on re-boot. everything cool. modem running onn com2.

    except it's not. I can't get a dial-tone. on trying to connect i'm faced with a message saying "please check your modem is installed"


    can anyone please help???

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    Re: COM port fails after using Laplink

    As I don't know what country you're in I'll try this, it works in Australia, but not all modems (or is PCs) appear to need this setting.

    Go Control Panel - Modems - Properties - Connection and change the setting (either check or uncheck the box) for "Wait for dial tone before dialing". Other than that <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

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    Re: COM port fails after using Laplink

    Did you try Control Panel|Modems|Diagnostics|More Info. If that fails then you have a real modem problem.

    The lack of a second serial port is probably valid, the second port is either absent or disabled to allow the modem to use COM2.

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