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    Chart update with new data (2003)

    A user asked me how to get a trendline to ignore zero values in a chart he made. When I looked at the chart, I think what he needs is to have the chart automatically update to include new data as he adds it. Right now the data is in range B2:J77. Each month, a new column is added to the data. He has included 24 months of (future) columns to the data range, which show as blanks in his chart (and skews his trendline). How can we set it up so that when he adds a column to the range (instead of including a bunch of blank columns), the chart will update with the new column of data?

    I searched the bb and found a thread on dynamically updating a chart, and Hans included a button. It was pretty cool. I tried modifying it to our needs, but I just can't figure out the code. I am "code illiterate.' The button idea would work fine, if I could figure out how to modify it for our data. Any ideas?

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    Re: Chart update with new data (2003)

    You don't really need code. See attached example. Add data in column G, H etc. and see how the chart updates itself automatically.
    Click on the chart, then select Chart | Source Data and activate the Series tab to see how the source data for the series are defined.
    Click outside the chart, then look at Insert | Name | Define to see how the dynamic ranges are defined.

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