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    Auto-insert amounts (Excel 2003)

    I am looking for some help devising a formula that will automatically insert a number in a cell, depending on the entry in an adjacent cell. I have attached a sample s-sheet I made to cover expenses. It works like this: if someone works out of town, they get a $150 premium. They can also claim meals etc. I want a formula in cells I6 thru I13 that will automatically insert the amount of $150 in I6, I7, I8 etc etc if someone enters the phrase "out of town" in cell D6 thru D13....they may enter "travel out of town" or "work out of town" or "fix door at out of town location" long as the expression "out of town" appears as all or part of the entry in D6, D7, D8 etc, then $150 should appear in the adjacent cell in column I.

    I have tried using combos of "*out of town", "*out of town*" etc etc but these don't work, b/c once I use an * as part of it, every entry triggers a $150 premium.....any suggestions? Thank you....see attached sample

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    Re: Auto-insert amounts (Excel 2003)

    In I6, enter the following formula:
    =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("out of town",D6)),150,"")
    and fill down to I13.

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