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    I Killed a Laptop!

    At any rate, it certainly looks that way. I was asked to install Windows XP and reset a forgotten BIOS password on a Compaq Evo N800. I went through and installed Windows anew, no problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, the only way to reset the BIOS password was to remove the CMOS battery, which in the case of most laptops requires disassembly.

    I downloaded the PDF version of the service manual and followed the steps to a T. After reassembling the machine, I found that I get only LED indicators that it is plugged in to AC power and that the battery is (apparently) charging. The power button does absolutely nothing. I stripped the machine down and reassembled it again, just to ensure that I didn't miss any steps - same thing. Were this a desktop, I would suspect a failed motherboard as the reason for no startup. Given the indicator lights, I can be sure that power is being applied to the board, but I cannot figure out why it will not start now. Any suggestions?

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    Re: I Killed a Laptop!

    No suggestions, but lots of sympathy - I HATE stripping down laptops, what a horrible fiddly business.

    The maintenance manual that you pointed to seems pretty comprehensive, and if you definitely followed all tthe steps then something must have been damaged. I assume that you had a grounded wrist strap or other anti static precautions, but even so it is very easy to cause static damage by a moment's carelessness. I guess your best bet at this stage is to contact your local HP repair center.


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