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    Print doc to PDF (2003)

    I am also including this posting in Word and VBA forums, because I am not sure in which it belongs.

    In Access I have written VBA to create a Word document based on a template. I use code to write to the Word document, and Save it.
    Now I would like to print the Saved document to a PDF file. Systems have Adobe Acrobat, version 7.
    Is there a way that I can use VBA to have Acrobat open the Word.doc and print to the Acrobat distiller?

    Here is the last line of the VBA for Word:

    'Save the document with the save name just created
    gappWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs strSaveNamePath

    I thought I could add"
    gappWord.ActiveDocument.PrintOut( ?????)
    I need help with the syntax for PrintOut to include all pages to the PDF distiller which is not the default printer

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    Re: Print doc to PDF (2003)

    This thread is locked to prevent duplication and confusion. Please post all replies in the thread in the VBA forum, in the thread starting at <post:=577,323>post 577,323</post:>.

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