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    The freeware graveyard

    "The freeware graveyard [] is dedicated to all these freeware programs that lost life fighting against shareware industry and decrepitude. I hope, here they can rest in peace. And will be remembered for good..."

    You'll have to Google for descriptions if you're not familiar with the program titles.


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    Re: The freeware graveyard

    You're the Lounge freeware guru, Alan and this is a nice find. I also bemoan the loss of a lot of not-too-expensive shareware over the years. I guess they just can't compete or their people find other avenues for their talents. One that I still miss to this day was someone called MidnightBlue Software and two of their graphics programs (see attachment). These were quite some time before stuff like IrfanView came along and I still use 'em once in awhile. As a matter of fact, the educational television network where I used to be employed still has "Kentucky scenes" screensavers on their web pages for download that were created with SST when I discovered it for them. See KET Screen Savers
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