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    Personal.xls problem (2003 sp2)

    I am starting a new thread due to the age of the original post.

    When I was following the advice in LegareColeman's post Re: creating the Pesonal.xls file, I found that my version of Excel (2003 sp2) did not like creating its own file.

    Here is the advice:

    1- Start Excel with a new empty workbook.
    2- Click on the Tools menu.
    3- Click on the Macro command so that the submenu flies out.
    4- In the submenu click on "Record New Macro.
    5- In the Record Macro dialog box click on the arrow in the "Store macro in" box.
    6- Select "Personal Macro Workbook" from the list.
    7- Change the Macro Name if you like, but this is not necessary.
    8- Click on OK. You should get a small toolbar that says "Stop Recording" in the title bar, and that has a button that looks like the Stop button on a VCR.
    9- Click on any cell in the worksheet to select it.
    10- Click on the Stop Recording button in the small toolbar. The toolbar should disappear.

    At step 8 in the list, I was served the box displayed in the image! Clicking OK on that box served me another box stating "Unable to record". I could not get it to work.

    OK, so not to be discouraged, I created my own Personal.xls file here:
    <center>C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11XLSTART</center>

    --which is supposed to be where it is stored (for my installation).

    Next, I needed to open this file and select Windows | Hide. I then closed Excel and restarted. At that point I could begin recording Macros and saving them in my "Personal Macro Workbook".

    My version of Excel did not want to create its own Personal.xls file. This sounds like my Excel is not acting properly. Any ideas why??? Thanks.

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    Re: Personal.xls problem (2003 sp2)

    As a preliminary "fix" until Legare responds to your post in person, try (when Excel is closed) moving the personal.xls file to C:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataMicrosoftExcelXLSTART. This is on the basis that your OS is Windows XP2000.

    The Program Files path given in Legare's post is common to all versions of Windows and is simpler to locate than the various applicable variants of the Profile path that I have mentioned above.


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