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    Script to add sender's address to contacts (Outloo

    Hi all

    I'm putting together a newsletter by double opt-in subscription and would like to manage it all from Outlook (I have another piece of software but it is fairly cumbersome as the subscription processing needs to be run manually). As the numbers will be quite small, I expect that Outlook will have enough firepower to manage it.

    I was wondering if anyone could help with a script that is probably quite simple for those folks who understand how these things work (i.e. not me).

    The first part to process emails to a specific address and generate a reply (based on a template) requesting a further response (the first part of the double opt-in) is easy - it looks like a rule can manage this.

    But the second part is a little more tricky - once the response from the subscriber is received, this is what needs to happen:

    1) the sending address needs to be captured;
    2) a contact created for this address (preferably with a specific category, e.g. 'newsletter'); and
    3) the new contact needs to be added to a specific distribution list (again, e.g. newsletter').

    If this exists as a script, I can include it in a rule that will also generate a template-based 'subscription complete' message.

    Someone more expert than me might be able to convince me that it's enough to assign a property for a contact or add it to a distribution list - but not both (I bow to your superior knowledge).

    If anyone can provide any assistance with this, I will - as always - be most grateful.

    Thanks and regards


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    Re: Script to add sender's address to contacts (Outloo

    To add addresses automatically to Microsoft Outlook Contacts on the Slipstick website contains useful links related to adding sender addresses to contacts.
    To add a member to a distribution list, you can use the AddMembers method of the DistListItem object. There are some examples in this forum.

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