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    Re: Printing pages with Roman Numberals (2002/SP1)

    If you want to print the first section, enter s1 in the Pages box.
    If you want to print a range of pages from the first section, enter (for example) p2s1-p5s1

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    Printing pages with Roman Numberals (2002/SP1)

    Hi, the first section of my thesis contains TOC, LOF etc, and is numbered with Roman Numerals (I-X).
    The Second Section contains the actual text with normal arabic numbers.

    IF I want to print just the first section, how do I specify that in the printing dialog? If I hit 1-10, it prints both I-X and 1-10. It refuses to accept Roman Numerals. I have to print N copies of the TOC. I would hate to kill trees..

    EDIT: Nevermind, I searched a bit more and found a simple solution. s1-s4 prints the relevant sections.

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