Hi. I don't see a perfect forum area for this, so I'll post it here. The company I work for has evaluated the economic benefits of SA in the past and found it to be cost-ineffective for us. However, MS seems to be using the teat/wringer approach to force its customers to this "feature". For example, we were told that as of Windows 2003 Server, without SA we did not have the use rights to put the OS up on replacement hardware for Disaster Recovery purposes. Also, we run a lot of legacy software, so it appears that we may ultimately need the legacy features of the version of Vista that requires SA. I'm seriously (albeit reluctantly) considering biting the bullet and adding SA to all of our MS Open LIcense purchases. Before I do so, I would like the benefit of the most current business impact analysis for SA. I have found reports from Gartner and Jupiter (Joe Wilcox) that seem to cover the subject in a bit of depth, but both are dated. Does anyone here know of a research report covering this published in the last 12 months or so? I don't mind paying a reasonable fee. Any other recommendations? Thanks.

Scott Miller