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    range value in vba, with number format (Excel 2000)

    Hello, I have a problem, I have defined a line in the VB editor in excel:

    iBlenderRate = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("BlenderRate").Value

    The value in blender rate is 2.5 and iblenderRate sets its self to 2
    is there a way to have the iblenderRate bring in 2.5?

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    Re: range value in vba, with number format (Excel 2000)

    Declare iBlenderRate as

    Dim iBlenderRate As Double

    Actually, I would use a different prefix, since i is used for Integer (whole number between -32768 and +32767). I would name the variable dblBlenderRate, where dbl stands for Double. It won't make the code work differently, but it does make it easier to read the code if naming is consistent.

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