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    Bookmarks/Field Codes (Word 97 (!))

    This is a fairly basic question (I think), but am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I have a standard legal document that has fields to be substituted. For example, in a divorce document there would be an initial occurrence of something like [HUSBAND'S NAME] where the actual name needs to be entered. That should also cause any future occurrences of [HUSBAND'S NAME] to be populated the same way. In addition, there will be situations like [husband/wife] and [wife/husband] where the word "husband", say, would be entered at the first occurrence, and all future instances of [husband/wife] would be set to "husband", and all [wife/husband] occurrences would be set to "wife" (and vice versa - depending on who's divorcing whom!).
    Should I be looking at fields, field codes, bookmarks, {MACROBUTTON} or some combination of the above? The ideal, of course, would be to just open the template and hit some tab-like keystroke to move through the document, automatically selecting the key data entry fields so that they can be overtyped. Unfortunately, I need something that will work in Word 97.
    Many thanks...

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    Re: Bookmarks/Field Codes (Word 97 (!))

    You can add text form fields and dropdown form fields from the Forms toolbar, and protect the document (or individual sections of the document) for forms. Within the protected sections, the tab key will take the user from form field to form field.
    Double click a form field while the document is unprotected to set its properties. Assign a meaningful bookmark name and tick the check box "Calculate on exit". Note: the bookmark name can only contain letters and digitsm, no spaces, apostrophes etc., so use for example HusbandName.
    Where you want to refer to one of the fields, insert a REF field:
    - Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets { } - you shouldn't type the brackets yourself.
    - Type REF followed by a space and the name of the bookmark you want to refer to.
    - It should now look like (for example) { REF HusbandName }
    - Press F9 to hide the field code and to update the value.

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    Re: Bookmarks/Field Codes (Word 97 (!))

    Another "old school" way to gather data and distribute it through the document is illustrated in <post:=389,256>post 389,256</post:>. In that example, an initial section containing a table is used to gather data, and then STYLEREF fields are used to refer to that data from elsewhere in the document. Since no form fields are used, you don't need to protect that first section. Since no protection is used, it is easy for an unschooled user to wreck the system. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> But if you find that protecting the document has too many trade-offs, you could consider this approach.

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