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    Exporting a report to Excel (2002)

    I have written a report in Access, and when I export it to Excel, it doesn't look anything like it. How can I export a report to Excel to look like what I have enclosed. It looks like this in the Access report, but it doesn't when I export it to Excel.

    Chris Elias

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    Re: Exporting a report to Excel (2002)

    The export feature in Access is feeble. Microsoft hasn't significantly updated it in 10 years or so. When you export to Word (RTF), Excel or HTML, only a small part of the formatting is preserved.

    One way to preserve the formatting is to export to snapshot (.snp) format - this is built in - or to PDF format - you need external software for that. Both formats are useful for displaying and printing the report on PCs that don't have Access installed. You won't be able to do anything with the data in the report.

    Another way would be to use VBA code to build a spreadsheet with the formatting you like, but that would be very tedious.

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