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    Automatic scrolling (Access 2K/SR1)

    I have a form that is taller than the screen due to size 14 fonts due to low vision users. Whenever I enter a subform on a tab control page, I cannot tab down without having to manually "scroll" down. Microsoft KB says that this is by design because subform is considered as a control.

    How do I instruct Access to ignore this built in limitation and force it to scroll whenever my cursor hits the bottom of the screen?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Automatic scrolling (Access 2K/SR1)

    I'm sorry, but it isn't clear where you want to scroll. Do you mean that you have to scroll down to see the complete tab control or subform and you don't want to do that, or do you mean you have to scroll on the subform and don't want to?

    If it's the latter, you can use page breaks on your subform and then use the Parent.GotoPage method to move to the appropriate page in the Enter event of the first control in the tab order on that page. It's goofy, but to get paging to work properly on a subform, you have to call the Parent.GotoPage method with the subform page as the argument.

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