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    Annoying Empty Login dialogue box

    Once upon a time, I had several users on the home computer. So profiles or desk-top setups were created. Upon login, we each chose our own password protected user setups.

    However, now that I am the only user, I have deleted all the profiles. But I cannot make that start up/ choose user dialogue box go away. Windows will pause the boot-up and not continue unless I click the CANCEL button.

    How do I get rid of the %^#*$#&* darn thing so that it will boot right through

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    Re: Annoying Empty Login dialogue box

    have you change networking to use windows logon?(control panel applet) if so, delete the *.pwl file and reboot. At the logon hit enter without putting in a password.

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    Re: Annoying Empty Login dialogue box

    You may have already done this, but if not:
    open Control Panel/Passwords
    Click the User profiles tab and
    select "All users of this computer use the same preferences and desktop settings."

    The logon may appear once after you change this
    clear it and click enter
    Then I think after that it should go away.
    David Grugeon
    Brisbane Australia

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