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    I have a question regarding my mother board. I have a Compaq Presario S6000NX. The computer will not boot up, there is a blinking LED on the back of the case for the power supply and when I press the power button nothing happens. Now, i disconnected everything and then plugged the power supply back in and the status led for the power supply was solid. I found that when I plugged in the power cable first and then plugged everything else back in that the computer worked fine. Now, when I disconnected the power cord to move the computer I got the same situation.(The computer will not boot and the power supply status led is blinking.) So I unplugged the main connector to the motherboard and the light turned solid. I then plugged it back in and then the light stayed solid. I kept the main connector to the mobo plugged in and disconnected the power cord to the power supply and plugged it back in and the status led for the power supply started blinking agian..So, in closing, when I have the motherboards 20pin connector unplugged and I plug in the power cord I get a good status light on the power supply. I can then plugin the 20pin mobo connector and boot the computer just fine. But if the power goes out or I disconnect the power cord I can no longer use the computer. I have to disconnect the mobo 20pin and reconnect it for the computer to work. Sorry for being so long winded. Any help will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Motherboard

    Consider Troubleshooting Power Supply Issues:

    "...If the LED is on solid and is not flashing, the power supply is probably good and the problem is most likely caused by a defective component (processor, memory, PCI card) or a defective motherboard. Have the PC serviced, or remove the components and replace them, one at a time, to find and replace the defective component."

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