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    EMERGENCY -- Access Query Counting (Access 2003)

    I am under the fire to get a query written...I know it's simple to do, but I am really brain fried right now. I have a table that has a branch number, order number, cancelled by, etc What I need the query to do is give me a count by of how many orders were cancelled by each person for each branch. So bascially I would want the output to be branch 1 John Doe Cancelled 5, Branch 1 Jane Doe Cancelled 3 Branch 2 Brain Freeze cancelled 20.

    Can someone please help me.

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    Re: EMERGENCY -- Access Query Counting (Access 2003)

    Create a query based on your table.
    Select View | Totals to change it to a Totals query.
    Add (in this order) the Branch Number, Cancelled By and again Cancelled By fields to the query grid.
    Leave the Total option for the first two columns as the default Group By.
    Set the Total option for the third column (the duplicate Cancelled By) to Count.

    If you only want records for which Cancelled By has been filled in, enter Is Not Null in the Criteria row in the second column (the first Cancelled By).

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