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    NextIf merge field (2003)

    I'm trying to use the nextif merge command to pass invoices over $30,000. My field is as follows: {nextif [Amount - selected from toolbar] >= 30000} yet what seems to happen is that Word tests the first record, if it is >= 30000 it skips it but accepts the next record no matter what and then tests the third record. So if record 2 is also >= 30000, too bad, Word accepts it. So if I get two consecutive records that meet the criteria, Word will only skip the first one and accept the second one.
    I've enclosed my data file - how is this field supposed to work?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: NextIf merge field (2003)

    Instead of NEXTIF, use SKIPIF - see screenshot.

    Note: skipping may not be entirely correct while previewing records, but it should be when you merge to a new document or to the printer.
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