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    Macros Disabled (MSO 2003 )

    I' confused:

    The code shown below is my macro code in Outlook, putting various items on the menu. The order in the code is not identical to that in the menu ( menu order = FeedDemon, Google, PSACards, Tenkey and WOPR), but that shouldn't matter, should it?

    I installed Office 2003, and moved the VBAProject.otm file (digitally signed at creation) over to my Cocuments and SettingsCWBillowApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook folder from the same folder on my "E:" drive. I created a signature via SELFCERT.EXE and moved it into the Trusted Root via CERTMGR.MSC. I went to the Internet Explorer (Content / Certificates) to be sure it was listed, and it was...

    But when I try to access the macros in Outlook, they're disabled and the "Enable macros" is grayed out.

    I finally got the macros working by renaming the VBAProject.OTM file, and creating a new one. But why should I have had to do so?

    What the heck am I missing here?

    In addition, now the menu listing of the macros is showing a "grouping line" between PSACards and Tenkey. How / Why?

    Chuck Billow
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    Re: Macros Disabled (MSO 2003 )

    I don't know anything about signing VbaProject.otm, but it may well be that the signature is constrained to a particular location (path). Can you sign it again in its current location?

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