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    Cannot Clear Search History

    Weird thing started occurring recently. Some of my search history refuses to go away. Shows up especially in Google Toolbar search window, but also in other search engines. For some reason, Internet Explorer (6.0) won't let these entries go. I have:
    1) Cleared Search History
    2) Found and dumped all cookies
    3) Opened IE's Tools>Internet Options>Content>Auto Complete and done Clear Forms, then unchecked Forms.

    I should also be able to select and delete each history entry in the search window drop-down -- but that does not work either!

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    Re: Cannot Clear Search History

    Too get rid of the Google search history, on the toolbar, click Options and then the Search tab. Untick the option for a dropdown search history, click apply and then retick the box and click apply. that should clear the history. HTH
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