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    Question: I have Netscape 4.7 and want to retain settings in case installing new ISP from CD--AT&T--messes it I plan to save MAIL FOLDERS in USERS, also BOOKMARKS (personal) in USERS folder. Do I need to save COOKIES.txt there, too? And what about the Learn2dotcomplayer I have in Communicator--save that? (used to take courses)...also, I see prefs.bak and prefs.js files in them? I also have them? I have Winamp in there as a folder with All in all, I want to save settings and contents of my Netscape 4.7 in case AT&T ISP installation wrecks it...what is the fastest and easiest way to do that? (I don't want new Netscape 6 yet...too many bugs, and 4.7 seems to work well [I have the CD]. Any advice?

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    Re: KeepingNetscape4.7SettingsWhenGettingNewAT&TISP

    Changing ISPs should not affect your browser or email program at all. Most of your preferences are saved in prefs.js & there is a backup, as you've noticed.

    By the way, you don't have NS 4.7. There are versions within it (4.73, 4.75, 4.76 & others). If you want to be on the extra-safe side, copy your entire <user> folder somewhere else.

    Cookies only help you in sites where you have login or specific layouts...otherwise they just help the advertisers. Don't worry about the cookies.txt (I have mine set to read only). The worse that could happen is that you'll have to login & remember your password all over again.

    Plug-ins are installed. You shouldn't lose those either. You could take a look at where you save your messages (go to Edit/Preferences/Mail Servers & look at "choose" & you'll see your path under "local mail directory". Do the same with Edit/Preferences/Newsgroup Servers.

    Relax--the ISP should have nothing to do with your browser. Although, you could ask them if they install a browser--if they install IE, it will try to become your default browser.

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