I'm trying to use the COM add-in to Compare Project Versions but am experiencing several problems.

1) I'm using the Entry table. All of my version (1) columns (e.g., Duration v1, Start Date v1, Finish Date v1, Predecessors v1) are showing either "0 days" or "NA" despite the fact that my version 1project has data in it.
2) When I click on the Info button for more information about the utility, nothing happens.
3) When the utility ends, the following error messages appear: "Run-time error '1101': The argument value is not valid" and "An error occurred in the COM Add-in named Compare Project Versions; Error #:440; Automation Error; Please restart Microsoft Office Project to restart the COM Add-in." I've restarted several times and still get the same error messages.
4) I also don't understand this comment in the Help for the utiity: "You cannot compare projects you open in Internet Explorer with the Browse buttons in the Compare Project Versions dialog box or projects that are embedded as an OLE object in another document." I've tried opening both files so that they both appear in the dropdown list, but still get problems 1-3 above.

I'm using Project Professional SP-1; although we have Project Server, I have tried both Offline and Online, and experience the same problems either way.

Help, please?