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Thread: Dates (2003)

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    Dates (2003)

    I have a merge document that has a date imported from an access file. The date e.g. is 24th June 2006 - but it appears 6/24/2006. I would like to have it formatted to read as 24th June 2006 and also 24/6/2006 but cannot see how to do so.

    Please can you help

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    Re: Dates (2003)

    I think you'll have to create a query in Access with an extra column that uses the Format function to return the date in the desired format. E.g.
    FormattedDate: Format([DateField],"d mmmm yyyy")
    where DateField is the date field. Use the query as data source for the mail merge, and insert the FormattedDate field instead of the original date field.
    (If you really want -st, -nd, -rd and -th after the number, it becomes more complicated)

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