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    Error Messages (Access 2002)

    What is the description or cause of "run-time error 3001"; where does one find a listing of the Access Errors and descriptions? Error was generated while entering data on a input form.

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    Re: Error Messages (Access 2002)

    You can see the text for an error number as follows:
    - Activate the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11)
    - Activate the Immediate window (Ctrl+G)
    - Type ? AccessError(3001)
    - Press Enter.

    The text for this error is "Invalid argument", which is not very specific, so it's hard to say what caused it. Can you provide more detailed info?

    Some Access handbooks list the error messages. You can also generate a table listing all error numbers and messages - see <post:=150,151>post 150,151</post:>.

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