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    Toggle fields in mail merge (2003)

    Working on this huge mail merge template. Got it almost sorted.. But..

    I have 7 fields that look like this and that show the dillar sign and the amount {MERGEFIELD

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    Re: Toggle fields in mail merge (2003)

    As a person who doesn't do merges, I can only comment based on your posted field code... You should be able to carefully copy and paste the "numeric picture switch" part from one of the working fields into one of the nonworking fields. Make sure you are displaying all field codes (Alt+F9 toggles) so that you can copy precisely. {Added: Make sure to include the leading # as well as the quoted string.}

    If the numeric picture switch percolates through to the results document but simply doesn't work, it's also possible that the data type isn't really a number.

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