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    Can a Header be 'delinked' from a footer? (Word 2003 (sp-2))

    Hello, all:

    I'm working a document I inherited from someone else. It's from 1995 and I believe it was in Word, although it could have been done in WordPerfect (no way to know, no name of the person who created it).

    Here are my problems:

    When I View-Header and Footer I see that just about each page starts a new section. I want to get rid of just about all of the sections since I don't need them all. However, I can't find the section breaks (using the Paragraph symbol) in Print View. It's like they're hidden or the document was initially created with some kind of "global" command that each page starts a new section. I tried selecting everything and doing a Paste Special but all the formatting is gone and this document is 62 pages long with several numbered lists, etc, that I don't want to have to recreate.

    The document I'm working on has "Track Changes" and I use the "Final" because there have been so many changes to some areas where all kinds of changes have been made and after a short while I can't see straight.

    Question 1: How can I get rid of all the sections and start from scratch without having to do a Paste Special and start all over again? I think the other people want to be able to track all of changes that have been made so doing a Paste Special would probably not have the changes that have gone on.

    Next dilemma:

    The document has a header that, under perfect circumstances, is supposed to have the pages consecutively numbered. The footer of the document is supposed to have different words in it, depending on what page you're on. With the way the document is set up now, I can't get the different sections to have different words in the footer--some of them carry through to the end of the document. I've tried to "delink" the footer from the "Same as Previous" but that doesn't work.

    Question 2: What am I doing wrong? Is it due to the way the document was initially created?

    Final dilemma:

    In the middle of the document, I need to change the numbering of the page in the footer. In other words, the header will have the consecutive number, but the footer will have Page 1 of 4, etc. When I try to change the footer to Page 1 of 4, the consecutive numbering in the header resets to 1. I tried doing a text box, thinking that the formatting in the text box would trump the numbering in the header. No luck. I also tried to create a style and apply it to the footer but the header reset itself to 1.

    Question 3: Is there some way where the header and footer can have a different number in them or are there just a few commands available, and having independent numbering systems for both is not one of them?

    I've tried looking in Microsoft's Help but, as you know, you have to put in the right phrase to get your question answered. What you think you're asking for (the words in the question) often means something else so you don't get the answer to your question. I tried a Microsoft Tutorial concerning an overview of headers and footers thinking that maybe there was something I overlooked, but the tutorial didn't address the question.

    Could somebody please help? I'm hoping the answer will not involve writing code because I know nothing from VB for Word. I bought a book about it but all I got were how to do things, not answering an underlying question.

    Thanks for reading this and any help anyone can provide. I'm sorry it's so long but I thought I'd provide everything I had done so that the thread would be short and I wouldn't have to exchange so many replies.

    Camille <img src=/S/scratch.gif border=0 alt=scratch width=25 height=29>

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    Re: Can a Header be 'delinked' from a footer? (Word 2003 (sp-2))

    1) Switch to Normal view and turn on the display of non-printing characters. You should now be able to see the section breaks.
    You can also select Edit | Find... and type ^b in the Find what box. This lets you search for section breaks. If you wish, you can switch to the Replace tab and replace section breaks with nothing, with a paragraph mark (enter ^p in the Replace with box) or with a manual page break (enter ^m in the Replace with box). You'll probably want to turn off Track Changes while you do so.

    2) You should be able to have different footers in different sections after you turn off the "Same as Previous" button for those sections.

    3) You can create a field that adds an amount to the page number (or subtracts from it). If you want a numbering system that both displays the page number within a section and the overall page number, you need some advanced field trickery. See How to create two page-numbering schemes in one document in Word 2003 and in Word 2002.

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    Re: Can a Header be 'delinked' from a footer? (Word 2003 (sp-2))

    In addition to Hans' suggestions, you may find that the section breaks are not showing because they have been deleted but are still in the file due to the Revision Tracking. You will find things become far more predictable if you accept all the revisions before doing the other tidy ups.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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