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    Mismatch of expression (2000)

    I just read an earlier post on this subject and Hans suggested to delete fields one by one. However, I can't even open the form in form view or design view.
    It's suppose to be a simple database with only 3 tables and the bother it is giving me !!

    Is the best option just to start again ??

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    Re: Mismatch of expression (2000)

    If you cannot open a form, your database is probably corrupt. Depending on hpw much you have changed since the last backup, you can:

    - go back to a non-corrupt backup and take it from there, or

    - create a blank new database and import all database objects (tables, queries, forms, ...) except the corrupt form from the problem database into the new one. then either import the form from a non-corrupt backup or create it anew.

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