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    OE won't send or receive (oe6)

    Sitting unattended, OE just stopped receiving mail.
    If I hit send/receive, it immediately says there is no new mail.
    By going to Earthlink's Webmail, I see that there is plenty of mail on the server.
    Earthlink's Mumbai office checked out my settings, and they were all correct.
    Turning off Norton doesn't help.
    If I try to send, I get a message "The message could not be sent. An error has occurred." No error number.
    I reinstalled OE from the Windows CD-ROM. That didn't help.
    I bought Eudora, used the same settings, and it can send and receive with no problem.
    But I prefer to use OE, so I'd like to fix the problem.


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    Re: OE won't send or receive (oe6)

    Harvey, If you are SURE your settings are correct for OE and your ISP assures you that their end is working OK, then I would go for a Clean Install of OE. You say you reinstalled OE from the Windows CD?
    I don't recall ever seeing that option to reinstall JUST OE from the CD.

    Check out this link to reinstall OE from the Elder Geeks website. It suggests two methods to attempt a repair but I would opt for method TWO for a reinstall. It does involve editing the registry to do this. Hopefully you are comfortable doing this.


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