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    Custom Toolbar blues in Excel 2000 SR1 (9.0.3821 SR-1)

    I use custom toolbars in Excel quite a lot.

    I've noticed a peculiar problem with such toolbars in Excel 2000

    Sometimes, I need to change the text / macro for a given a Toolbar command (aka Menu Item) under a Menu.

    If I change the Menu Item, and then re-attach the toolbar to the workbook, it doesn't reflect the changes the next time I open the workbook.

    This used to work without a hitch in Excel 97, but I've not figured out why it doesn't work in Excel 2000.

    I've been working around this problem in 2 ways --

    1.a. Open the workbook on another PC which has Excel 97,
    b.make the toolbar changes, re-attach it to the workbook & save it.
    This works only if I'm not using any Excel 2000-specific features in the workbook

    2. I create another Custom Toolbar and move all the Menus from the first toolbar to the new one.
    Then Delete the first toolbar, and rename the new one with that name.
    Re-attach the new toolbar to my workbook.
    This sometimes works -- albeit, erratically

    I've even tried to
    - attach the toolbar to a blank new workbook,
    - make these changes,
    - save & close the workbook
    - delete the toolbar from the workbook which I need to re-attach the new (changed) toolbar
    - save, close, re-open that workbook
    - re-attach the toolbar to the workbook

    This workaround works erratically, too :-(
    Sometimes the toolbar doesn't show the changed menu items. !

    The same name is essential, because I use macros in such workbooks to display / delete the toolbar when the workbook is opened / closed.

    If anyone else has faced a similar problem -- and figured out a solution -- please help !

    I get the feeling that somehow, Excel 'remembers' the old toolbar settings and those settings creep into the new toolbar !
    Sort of like a 'ghost' of the 'dead' toolbar !

    Thanks in advance <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Custom Toolbar blues in Excel 2000 SR1 (9.0.3821 SR-1)

    You must ensure that the old toolbar is physically deleted, because if you try to open a workbook with toolbar "A" while you have a toolbar "A" already open (even if not currently showing, as in view/toolbars/customize -- those unchecked ones are still "open", so DELETE toolbar "A" from this window), then the new toolbar won't be available.

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