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    Repeating data (Excel 2002)

    Sometimes, when I start typing new data in a cell, if previously inputed data matches, Excel will display the old data in th enew cell and I don't have to retype it (or I can edit it). However, this doesn't work consistently. Sometimes Excel wil display the previously enetered data in the new cell, other times, it just acts dumb and doesn't display anything. Is there some sort of control for this feature?

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    Re: Repeating data (Excel 2002)

    If "Enable AutoComplete for cell values" has been ticked in the Edit tab of Tools | Options..., Excel will automatically complete an entry if the following conditions are met:

    1) It is a text value - numbers and dates are never autocompleted, even if there is a match.
    2) There is a unique match: if the column already contains litigation and litigious and you start typing l, i, g, ..., AutoComplete won't jump in before you typed either litiga or litigi
    3) There are no empty cells in between. AutoComplete only looks for a match in the current contiguous range.
    4) if the matching value is more than 50 rows away from the active cell, you must enter one more character than you'd expect.

    You can show a dropdown list of entries to choose from by pressing Alt+down arrow.

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