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    posting a form (ie 7)

    I have a form on a shtm page which posts results to a Perl program:

    <form name="questions" method="post" action="../cgi-bin/formprogplp.cgi"
    onSubmit = "var doit = checkout(); return doit;">

    Question: is it at all possible to post a form to a cgi directory and simultaneously to an email? Or am I crying for the moon here? Any advice/help etc would be appreciated. Just occurred to me: is it possible to post the result from the Perl prog to an email address? (I have tried that without success in the past.)

    Many thanks

    Rex Last

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    Re: posting a form (ie 7)

    Hi Rex

    I am no CGI Perl expert but I can tell you a form must have exactly one action. You could use a CGI program to process your form submissions. It can perform any number of tasks like updating a database, sending email, logging a transaction in response to your single form submission.

    I cannot help you with the coding as CGI is not my area but hopefully there is someone in the Lounge that can help you.

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    Re: posting a form (ie 7)

    Your web host, if this is on a hosted server, should be able to tell you how to send SMTP mail from a perl script. Or that you can't do it to prevent you from spamming (in this case, spamming yourself). <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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