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    Other calendars display (2003 SP1)

    I don't believe this can be done, but I've had a request from a user.
    So, what he wants is to be able to display all the shared calendars he accesses (around 100 in all) as subfolders similar to subfolders of his Inbox.
    Rather than have all calendars ticked so they can be viewed in the main window, wants to be able to list them in order of the geographical areas that these people cover, which he would sort himself, not asking for Outlook to understand that!!
    Is the option to tick a specific shared calendar all that there is or is there anything that we can do to amend this - without editing registry settings or tweaking the exchange side?

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    Re: Other calendars display (2003 SP1)

    As far as I know, that is not possible. Perhaps he can use a group schedule (In Calendar, select Actions | View Group Schedules...). In a group schedule, users are listed in the order in which you add them.

    For other ideas, see the Slipstick website, for example Maintaining a Group Calendar in Outlook and Sharing Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts.

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