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    mail merge picture switch (word 2003 sp2)

    I have a word document using an excel spreadsheet for the source data. I insert 2 fields, the name and total time worked. I am trying to edit the total time which is formatted in excel as h:mm. When I complete the mail merge the minute portion is 10 characters long insted of 2 characters. I looked up how to edit the field but I must be doing it wrong. I tried a picture switch and then the mailmerge switch. Neither gave me the results I needed. I have attached the word doc with the merge field. Any help would be appreciated. I am not sure where the braces"{" go in the merge field. I color coded the fields as red so it is easy for you to see.
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    Re: mail merge picture switch (word 2003 sp2)

    You cannot type field brackets { } yourself.
    Do the following:
    - Remove the formatting code you added after the merge field.
    - Right-click the merge field.
    - Select Toggle Field Codes from the popup menu.
    - You will see { MERGEFIELD "Tot_Time" } where the brackets { } are real field brackets (you cannot delete them except by deleting the entire field)
    - Insert the formatting code @ "h:mm" after "Tot_Time" but before the closing bracket }
    - It should now look like this:

    { MERGEFIELD "Tot_Time" @ "h:mm" }

    - Press F9 to hide field codes and update the result.

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