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    .ost file

    I use an encrypted disk where I have put the outlook.ost file to protect my synchronized mail. If I start Outlook after I have mounted that disk I have no problem but if I start Outlook before I have mounted that disk, the outlook.ost file is created on the C-drive which has no protection. Outlook doesn't even notify me of this. I have tried with having a outlook.ost file on the C-drive marked read-only but then an outlook0.ost is created instead. Can someone give me a tip on how to solve this?

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    Re: .ost file

    you need to mount the drive first - although i'm kinda surprised outlook doesn't complain that it can't find your ost - try setting outlook to always work offline (tools > services > exchange acct) that should make it complain that it needs to sync before using the ost.
    you'll need to close outlook and mount the drive, then reopen.
    alternate idea - can you mount the drive and load outlook using a batch? (yes on outlook loading) always start outlook from the batch, never an outlook shortcut.

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