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    Computer Data Capture (VBA)

    I have an IT Work Order program in Access 2003. I have been asked by the IT staff if there is a way I can add a button to the On Line Work Order Form whereby the user can immediately see and/or can post to the work order form the following; 1. Work Station (Computer) Name ,2. Work Station (Computer) IP address and 3. User Login Name (which will be used differently than the customer name from the customer table). Any suggestions?

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    Re: Computer Data Capture (VBA)

    For 1. and 3. see <post:=404,436>post 404,436</post:>.
    For 2. see this newsgroup thread.
    Notes: if you copy the code from that thread into a module, you will have to fix several line breaks, and add a declaration at the top:

    Const ERROR_SUCCES = 0

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