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    Cumulative Percent (2003)

    I have followed the parteo chart tutorial. I am now running into a problem: when I have two columns with the same number they are making the cumulative percent the same for both columns.

    Issue Type NumberOfErrorsTotal CumPct
    Portfolio Fees 2 36.36%
    Fund Closing 2 36.36%
    Transfers 1 100.00%
    Purchases 1 100.00%
    Fund Express/SPR 1 100.00%
    Exchanges 1 100.00%
    Custodial Fees 1 100.00%
    Contributions 1 100.00%
    AIPPad 1 100.00%

    The columns looks like this:

    Issue Type
    NumberOfErrorsTotal: Number of Errors
    CumPct: DSum("[Number of Errors]","[1ErrorType - Client Issue]","[Number of Errors]>=" & [NumberOfErrorsTotal] & "")/DSum("[Number of Errors]","1ErrorType - Client Issue")

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    Re: Cumulative Percent (2003)

    There may be a cleverer way to do this, but I'd use a temporary table. See the attached demo.

    Before running the report, first run the delete query to clear the temporary table, then the append query to populate it with up-to-date data.
    The select query uses the AutoNumber field in the temporary table to calculate the cumulative sum/percentage the way you want.

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