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    Can't change text color in normal view notes sec. (2003/SP2)

    I just got a template from our home office that has a quirk I haven't seen before.

    When I try to change the font color in the notes section of the Normal View the option is not available (i.e. grayed out) on the drawing tool bar. The option is available in the Format/Text dialogue box but it does not display the text in the selected color. BUT when I switch to Notes View the text is in the selected color. AND the option to change the text color from the drawing toolbar is available. When I switch back to Normal View the text is black again!!

    Very frustrating. I am passing a presentation back and forth with a couple of people and the easiest way to add our comments is in the notes section. It is easier to see who said what if we can change the text color for each contributor.

    I know we could just insert comments on the slides but it is a lot faster to be able to just type the notes in the notes section.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Can't change text color in normal view notes sec. (2003/SP2)

    I'm afraid you'll have to view and edit your notes in Notes view...

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