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    Dragging (filling) transposed values (Excel 2000 SP3)

    Is there a way to drag (ie. autofill) a cell to pick up the values from the opposite axis (a bit like Paste Special, Transpose).

    Better explained by an example:-

    I have a 2 worksheet model.

    In sheet 1 I have a row of values on, say row 10.

    In sheet 2 I want to pick up those values, but place them in a column.

    If I put a formula in the first cell which reads =Sheet 1!A$10, I get the correct value.

    I would then like to be able to drag that corner of that first cell down the column, such that my column would autofill with the sheet one values from cells A10, B10, C10, D10 etc.

    Obviously you need a command which tells you that you are applying a transposition, or the cells picked up will be A11, A12, A13 etc.

    Is there a way?



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    Re: Dragging (filling) transposed values (Excel 2000 SP3)

    Let's say your "first cell" is D5. Enter the following formula in this cell.
    Change the range A10:M10 as needed. You can fill down the formula.

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