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    Find ids that don't exist in another table (2000)

    I have two tables, one called tblViewings tblDetailRequest and another called tblPurchasers, I want to be able to find all the purchasers that do not have their purchid (autonumber field) in the purchid field of tblViewings or tblDetailRequest, how is this possible?
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    Re: Find ids that don't exist in another table (2000)

    Try this:
    - Activate the Queries section of the database window.
    - Click the New button in the toolbar at the top of the database window.
    - Select Find Unmatched Query Wizard.
    - Click OK.
    - Follow the instructions.
    - Select tblPurchasers in the first step.
    - Select tblViewings in the second step.
    - Specify PurchID as the join field in the third step.
    - Add the other fields you want to see in the fourth step.
    - Click Finish in the fifth step.
    Similar for tblPurchasers and tblDetailRequest.

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