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    Hard-Coded Footnote (97 or 2000)

    Can someone please describe the difference between a regular footnote and a hard-coded footnote? What is a hard-coded footnote?! Thanks!
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    Re: Hard-Coded Footnote (97 or 2000)

    I'm not sure where that terminology comes from. In other words, I'm guessing at the answer.

    I just edited a document in which someone chose the footnote numbers manually. When I moved the first footnote after the third, they did not renumber, and the footnotes were numbered 2, 3, 1. This was not helpful. I finally found a way to reset them to automatic numbering, which was slow, but it's what I know: I selected the footnote number in the text and pressed delete; I got a dialog box where the middle number was Options..., I opened that dialog and changed the numbering from Custom to Automatic and clicked OK; then closed the dialog.

    Going the other direction, when you insert a new footnote, you have the option to use custom numbering. If this is not what you meant by a hard-coded footnote, then never mind.

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