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    Can't open calendar

    I get the "works cannot access one or more files it needs to run the calendar..." error; have established that mswkscal.wcd is corrupted and I need to install it anew from the installation disk. But I have no works install disks. This is on my Toshiba notebook, and all they supplied was a set of disks to "reset the computer to the way it was when it came from the factory." Can anyone direct me to a source of this file. (Unfortunately, I never backed up this file because, despite several attempts to discover where the calendar data is stored, no one I communicated with in various forums knew either. That was before I discovered this site!) Thanks for the assist.

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    Re: Can't open calendar

    I'm afraid mswkscal.wcd is not available for download, and all suggestions for repairing it I have been able to find assume that the installation CD-ROM is available...

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