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    Disable mute commands (Winxp sp2)

    Is there a way to disable the mute option on the sound control panel and in media player? Our sound output from the computer that runs our church data projector is connected directly into a pa mixer and we want it controlled only from there. We have had a few embarrassing moments lately where youngsters have been playing with the sound settings (playing solitare without the sound effects) without us being aware of it. Mostly we don't need sound from it but on odd occasions we do. We are going to remove all games as well!
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    Re: Disable mute commands (Winxp sp2)

    I am sorry nobody answered you. The reason is, there is no solution to your problem the way you formulated it.

    However, there is a good strategy and tools for you - look at Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP.

    From Readme:

    "Shared computers are commonly found in schools, libraries, Internet and gaming caf

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