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Thread: QRP file (2000)

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    QRP file (2000)

    Hi I have alot of QRP files that I need to copy and paste but I'm having problems. I have downloaded a viewer but it will not allow me to copy the data. Will any of the office programs open the QRP file? if not do you know of a program I can use to open, copy and paste the data? The program will not allow me to save as text and I'm not able to print to file.

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    Re: QRP file (2000)

    An answer to your question depends on which program was used to create QRP files. Such extension is used for Liberty for Windows reports, DR Hardware files, Gupta Report Builder files, Dosh Software files, QuickReport reports, COW2000 reports and so on...

    In general, if designated viewer do not allow you to copy or print the document, that means it was made by purpose. You have to obtain a license or permission to do so.

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