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    German Spell Check (Office 2k SR1)


    I want to enable multilingual spell checking in my documents

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    Re: German Spell Check (Office 2k SR1)


    Yes, I'm afraid you can only spell check in German if you buy the "Microsoft Office 2000 Proofing Tools" CD-ROM. French and Spanish are packaged with the English version of Word (if I remember rightly), but German is not.

    Can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was around CHF 100 (USD 180) I think.

    The Beta version of Office XP appears to have all the languages included, so hopefully that's the case for the production version also -- maybe someone who has it can confirm or otherwise.

    Of course, if I buy XP in the near future, there'll be a genuine original O2k Proofing Tools CD going cheap! <img src=/S/money.gif border=0 alt=money width=17 height=15>

    Both versions seem to allow both old and new German spelling, so you're not forced into spelling important words like [i]Ku

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