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Thread: Footers (2003)

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    Footers (2003)

    Is it possible to have a different footer on the bottom of each printed page that is printed from one tab? I know you can have the tab name be placed on the header/footer, but not sure if I can somehow create a different footer for the same worksheet

    For example.
    Tab name is Coil Pricing
    3 page document
    Page 1- footer to read HV-1A
    Page 2- footer to read CV-9
    Page 3- footer to read HV-1A accy

    My only other option is to move this to Word where I know I can do this, but then I am back another question I posted once but with little luck and that is can you do a V-lookup from within Word for data stored in an excel file?

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    Re: Footers (2003)

    Not easily. It would involve code and literally changing the footer when it is printed.

    Could you add create the 3 sheets in 2 different worksheets? If all the sheets are selected when the print job is done it will number them in sequence.


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