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    Convert number to text equivalent (2000)

    Please see attached. Thanks!!

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    Re: Convert number to text equivalent (2000)

    Two options:

    1) Query

    - Create a query based on the table that acts as record source for the report, or if the record source is a query already, edit the query.
    - Add the Military Affiliation table to the query.
    - Link it to the main table on MilAffiliationID.
    - Add the Affiliation field to the query grid.
    - Use Affiliation in the report.


    2) Combo box

    - Right-click the combo box that displays 1, 2 or 3.
    - Select Change To | Combo Box from the popup menu.
    - Set the Row Source of the combo box to the name of the Military Affiliation table.
    - Set the Column Count property to 2.
    - Set the Column Widths property to 0";1"

    When previewed or printed, the dropdown arrow of the combo box will not be displayed.

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