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    combining 2 databases (Access 2003)

    I work for a large multisite company. I currently have a database which stores safety data for the US. We would like to make this a global database but due to location of servers(1 is in the US the other is in Switzerland) this is not possible. I would like to have a local database on each server and then combine them to create global reports. What is the best way of accomplishing this?


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    Re: combining 2 databases (Access 2003)

    You could transfer the database from the Switzerland server to the US one when you need to run a report. You can use any method that is available and feasible - send it by e-mail, upload it by FTP, or burn it to CD or DVD and send that by mail or courier.
    You can then create links to the "Swiss" tables in the "US" database, or create a new database with links to tables in both. If you don't have other identifying fields, it would be handy if there is a field in each table that identifies the database it's from.
    You can then use union queries to combine the data from corresponding tables, and use these to base reports on.

    Alternatively, you might consider moving to a server database and a web-based interface. But that would require converting and redesign.

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