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    Completed Tasks (2003 SP 1)

    Scenario: I have a user that inputs tasks into his Blackberry. The blackberry synchronizes with Outlook through Exchange server and everything is working. When the user marks a task as "completed", he expects that task to disappear the next day from the list of tasks displayed on his desktop Outlook when he clicks on Mailbox to see his Outlook today.

    Can anyone tell me how tasks should behave? I do not use this view (Outlook Today/Mailbox), so I do not know how the list of tasks behave.


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    Re: Completed Tasks (2003 SP 1)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by JohnBF on 05-Jul-06 07:38. )</P>Completed Tasks don't disappear in Outlook until the user actively deletes them. The user could set a filter on the View which doesn't show completed tasks. Which View does the user look at? Outlook Today, or the Taskbar adjacent to the Calendar, or the Task Explorer View, or .. all of the above and more? (I'm a light user of Tasks, and I usually delete completed Tasks manually.)

    Edit: if the View is Outlook Today, Filters are not available, the only choices in managing Outlook Today Views are found from the Outlook Today View "Customize Outlook Today" button in the upper right corner. Task choices are limited - the "Today's Tasks" and "Include Tasks with no Due Date" are the nearest to not showing completed Tasks.
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