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    Word does not fully Maximize (Word 2003 SP2)

    I have a user whose Word screen will not fully maximize. She hit's maximize and the program takes up MOST of the screen, all except a vertical bar at the top of her screen about an inch wide. And the Status bar of the program remains hidden behind the TaskBar. If I hide the TaskBar, the StatusBar is still not visible, as it seems to have fallen off the bottom of the screen. It's like Word thinks that it's maximized, but's it's been shoved down/off the screen a little bit and doesn't know how to get back up. Anyone ever seen this before? Surely it's not a feature. All other programs maximize correctly. Just Word being buggy.

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    Re: Word does not fully Maximize (Word 2003 SP2)

    Perhaps one of the registry keys for Word has become flaky. See Phil Rabichow's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000),197827>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000)<!/post>, in particular the FOURTH STEP: Delete the Data Key.

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